About Us

M.A.M. Inc., established in 2006, serves clients in the high frequency power electronics space with energy efficient systems, components, and solutions. Our innovative designs lead to cost/energy efficient solutions that minimize the volume/footprint of the systems and components.

Our clients come from:

  • Energy storage/ Renewable energy space
  • EV charging systems (DC fast-charging)
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Defense Electronics

Our mission is to extend the state of the art in power electronic space by using additive manufacturing. This includes passive component development, packaging, and efficient thermal management.

We are excited to announce that our mission is supported by the Department of Energy (DOE) through the Small-Business Innovation Research award (SBIR). Here’s what’s new .

Department of Energy Peer-Review Poster Presentation of Battery Energy Storage System with 3-D Printed Nano-Crystalline Magnetic Components

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