About Us

M.A.M. Incorporated (Mallika, Ashwin, Maya Incorporated) is an electronic power solutions business. Established in 2006, M.A.M. Inc. aims to innovate the design of power electronics, contribute to cost reduction of production and continue to value energy efficiency. M.A.M. addresses the needs of custom high-frequency power magnetic components and sub-assemblies used in renewable energy, medical electronics, industrial electronics, and defense applications.

M.A.M. Inc. aims to have our customers alongside us at every step. We aim to promote our material use through customer education on state-of-the-art technology options for high-frequency power magnetics.


Our core strength is custom magnetic component solutions to satisfy the unique needs of market segments. We excel at working as an extension of our client’s engineering department.

Ethical Standards

Our mission is to adhere to the highest ethical standards in production and distribution. We aim to maintain client confidentiality across the globe through appropriate information flow.


Our engineers are trained in state-of-the-art design solutions and magnetic materials. We partner with global leaders of magnetic material suppliers to fulfill the supply chain with long-term contracts.

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