3 Phase Isolating Transformer

Three Phase Isolating Cast Coil Transformer for Humid/Salt Environment

We manufacture two types of Three Phase Isolating Transformers, dry type of cast resin. Dry types are used for low voltage applications. Cast resins are used for hostile or harsh environments. Both incorporate aluminum or copper windings. Both also use the vacuum impregnation process to assure optimal insulation level and a reliable long life.

Properties of Three Phase Isolating Transformer:

  • Power ratings: Up to 630 KVA
  • Cast Coil Voltages: Up to 6.6 KV
  • Dry Type Voltages: 1.1 KV
  • Cooling: From AN (natural convection) up to AFWF (forced air and forced water)
  • Typical Applications of Cast Coil: Distribution, Lighting, Drives, Excitation, Convertor and also in harsh environments
  • Typical Application of Dry Type: Distribution, Lighting, Drives, Excitation, UPS, Railways and other OEM applications
  • Enclosure Protections: From IP00 (Only core and coils) to IP 55