Our Products and Services

M.A.M. Inc. tackles high power, high frequency, magnetic component issues. We focus on high efficiency during operation, which includes minimizing heat generation, minimizing audible noise during operation, minimizing the size of components (by volume, food, print, and mass), and optimizing cost while adhering to system performance demands. Our product designs are in compliance with the safety regulatory agencies of UL, TUV, and CSA.

We use magnetic materials that promote efficiency and get the job done. Of all of our products, we feature thin gauge 3% Silicon steel, iron powder cores, Ferro-Silicon powder core, Sendust powder core, nanocrystalline and amorphous metal-based cores, 6.5% strip steel-based cores, and ferrites of various permeability’s. Our products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 approved facility, where we hold our environmental and health and safety certifications. Our products use the UL-approved insulation system and the customer desired and approved quality test procedure.

Innovative Product Designs